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Energy Efficiency is key

Energy efficiency and the environment as a whole are both very important to us. By building a “tight” home with a well-sealed and insulated envelope and high-efficiency appliances, we greatly reduce your energy bills and lower the overall impact to the environment.


Each and every house is inspected by a third party for efficiency at different stages of the build. Early on, the home is inspected for its insulation barrier as a whole and its ability to seal out ‘unconditioned’ air. This ‘building envelope’ is what separates the air that you are paying to condition from the air outside. A leaky home (as are many on the market today) has to work much harder to keep the air in the home comfortable, wasting the home owner’s money. The building diagnostic company inspects all the mechanicals and duct system for good seals, efficiency, and independent component energy ratings at this time as well. Later in the build, the building diagnostic company does another round of inspections and tests the entire home. They do this using sophisticated equipment that tests for leaks in both the ductwork and the entire building envelope. Then they compare the data from those tests, as well as data from many other parameters, to come up with the home’s HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index rating. All of this information, as well as detailed and comprehensive explanations of that information, is put together in a packet for the new homeowner. You’ll know just how your house “scores” compared to other homes.

Building Performance Group

We trust all of our homes testing and diagnostics to the Building Performance Group. They are the most experienced, technologically advanced, and responsive building/energy consulting company in the Louisville, KY area. Their experience and guidance is invaluable in allowing us to give you an extremely energy efficient home. Check out the link to their website to learn more about them and the importance of what they do.